Residential HVAC system design pricing:

Load Calcs & Equipment Selection (Manual J & S)

Load Calcs, Equip. Sel. & Duct Design (Manual J, S & D)

Energy Code Compliance Reports (EnergyGauge, RES Checks, etc.)

Residential Indoor Pool Load Calcs

Indoor Pool Duct Design

Mechanical Ventilation Design

Bill of Materials

1-5 Day Turnaround Time (Typical)

10¢/sq ft 

20¢/sq ft

$150 per house

15¢/sq ft

15¢/sq ft

$150 per system

$100 per house

Additional services:

Blower Door Leakage Tests (local)

Duct Blower Leakage Tests (local)

Manual J House Survey (local)

Onsite/Skype/Facetime Design Inspection

Energy Operating Costs & Payback Calculations

$250 per house

$350 per duct system

$150 per hour



Important notes:

  • All packages start at $100.
  • Manual J package includes thermostat location recommendation.
  • Manual J, S & D package include terminal selection based on ACCA’s Manual T, ASHRAE’s ADPI, and grille manufacture’s engineering data.
  • Bill of Materials, or Materials List, is an additional cost.
  • Special Zoning requests will have additional charges (i.e., single systems with automatic damper controls, with or without bypass duct).
  • Requests for changes to the duct design or equipment selection may incur additional charges.
  • Discounts for repeat business.
  • Please read the HVAC System Design Disclaimer included in the HVAC System Design Form to be completed by the customer requesting the HVAC system design. The HVAC System Design Disclaimer is also included in the customized HVAC System Design Report.

Pricing for light commercial HVAC system designs and indoor pool & spa equipment sizing selection

Depends on building type/application, occupancy patterns, zoning needs, and other unique commercial requirements. Pricing may be similar to residential systems.  Please call or email us.